Monday, 7 January 2013

Presents haul

Here are my Top 4 favourite gifts.

Nostalgia Monopoly, Wooden Edition

One of my favourite board games, even more now it comes in such a fantastically little designed package. All the cards are vintage looking. Just fab. 

The White Company Dressing Gown

So luxurious and heavy, ankle length. My new fave around the house. 
Plus its currently on sale, 15% off!

Leopard Print Converse High Tops

I'm a massive fan of all stars anyway so was delighted when I got these to add to the collection.
The ones I have are print on canvas the only ones I could find online were faux fur..

Chrome Retro handset for iPhone 

My friend Rachel, making use of it in her onsie!

A novelty gift that I've already had lots of use out of, it plugs in to your iPhone so you have the comfort of using a landline phone! I believe it was from Primark - not sure if they're still available but worth a try..

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