Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas decorations

I love Christmas, my tree theme this year is rather pink. I would prefer a real tree but I have a habit of killing house plants so never want to chance harming a tree! (A xmas tree is already dead I hear you cry, OK so I'd forget to water it :)) 
I found a lovely faux evergreen and will make do with festive Christmas Tree Yankee Candle (£18.65,
I've collected baubles and decorations from a whole host of places, including the obligatory Selfridges bauble ( I even fashioned my own Chanel bows from some gift wrap ribbon that came with my Chance perfume.  
I've decorated my dresser with fabric 'Christmas' bunting (£10, 
Lastly, I've plonked a santa and snowman (charity shop finds) with some pink fairy lights on the fireplace to finish off the cosy christmas vibe.

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